Cheminee Chazelles C700L Radiant Wood Fireplace


The C700L wood burning fireplace is a basis model for all of Chazelles’s fireplace designs and is the 2nd smallest fireplace in the Radiant Collection which is built for the lower price range. The C700L fireplace is designed for installation into an existing brick fireplace and chimney space. This fireplace design showcases the splendour of a slow combustion open fireplace without compromising on safety and heating efficiency.


130kg heavy duty cast iron fireplace
Lateral (side) opening
200 mm flue size
820°C heat resistant ceramic flat glass
Choice of 2 door trim finishes: gun metal or full brass
10 year warranty
AS/NZS 4013 tested.

Unit Size: 694W x 625H x 453D
Est. Room Size*: 50 – 100 m2
Est Peak Output: 25 kwh
Energy Efficiency Rating**: 74.5%