Cheminee Chazelles C800L Radiant Wood Fireplace


The C800L fireplace is our mostly used fireplace in homes for heating . The size, modern design and superior performance output of this model makes it a winner in style and simplicity. The C800L is designed for installation into an existing brick fireplace cavity and is suitable for heating large areas of the home. The large glass front door provides a perfect view of the burning wood fire without compromising safety and energy efficiency.

The C800L is the number most common choice for architects, interior designers and homeowners who demand the highest quality and performance from their wood burning fireplace.


10 Years Warranty
100% French made
Single opening door mechanism – Lateral ( side )
All heavy duty cast iron – 150 kgs
Ceramic glass 820ºC heat resistant
Estimated max heat output approx. 280 sq meters *
Average smoke temperature 349ºC
Energy efficiency : 71%
4.5 star rating
Flue size 230 mm or 9”
Removable ash pan under grate
EPA and AS/NZS 4013 , 4012 and 2918 tested
Zero clearance installation AS2918 tested
Hot air ducting system 3 rooms ( up to 5 rooms )