Cheminee Chazelles DF1200 Designer Wood Fireplace


DF1200 Double Sided Fireplace
The DF1200 is a double sided, wood burning fireplace that allows you to extend the enjoyment of a wooden log fire to more than one living space in the home. Designed with dual glass door openings on both sides. The DF1200 is ideal for large areas and as the focal point of entertainment, it allows you to create two very different areas within one space. The fireplace is designed to be inserted in a wall between two rooms or surrounded by plasterboard in the middle of a large room.

The clean and uninterrupted lines of the unit are also enhanced by the use of a removable handle and the cleverly designed ash extractor makes cleaning your fireplace a matter of ease. The DF1200 also features Chazelles unique Dual Opening Door System that allows you to enjoy the ambience of an open fire or by sliding the door down, the firebox immediately reverts to a safe and efficient, slow combustion wood fireplace.


275 kg double skin 1.5 mm thick steel structure fireplace
Sides and base lined with fireclay firebricks
Total unit weight with the firebricks installed: 456kg
280 mm flue size
820°C heat resistant ceramic flat glass
Four 150mm connectors for hot air ducting system
Choice of 3 door trim finishes: gold, stainless steel or black
AS/ NZS 4013 tested
10 year Warranty.

Unit Size: 1174W x 1482H x 595D
Est. Room Size*: 150 – 200 m2
Est Peak Output: 33 kwh
Energy Efficiency Rating**: 75.1%