Ortal Front Facing 110H


Front Facing 110H
Beautifully integrated into walls and architectural elements, Ortal’s modern front-facing built in wall fireplaces make this classic positioning extraordinary. Perfect for when you want to combine the classic charm of a front-facing fireplace with the revolutionary performance of Ortal’s modern gas fireplaces, which provide heat to the room while remaining safe to the touch and cool enough for surrounding decor.

Recreate efficiency. Ortal is recognized globally as an innovator of modern gas fireplaces. Ortal’s unique burner design, ensures the cleanest possible use of gas, combining optimal warmth and heating savings. Ortal’s technology enhances your experience while protecting the environment.

Passive Cool Wall Technology
Redefine space, Ortal’s Cool Wall Technology enhances your design possibilities ensuring that walls surrounding your fireplace, including the one directly above it remain cool. Ortal’s innovative technologies help you overcome virtually any design obstacle. Bring life to a room in any way you see fit with an Ortal fireplace. Enjoy the flexibility of hanging a work of art or a TV directly above your fire. Our cool wall technology enables the free flow of cool air between your fireplace and its surrounding walls.

Direct Vent Flues
All Ortal fireplaces use direct vent technology, which takes in combustion air from the outside and expels the exhaust outside. The flue uses a convenient co-axial system where the exhaust pipe is nested inside the fresh air intake pipe. The fireplace is sealed from the room using a glass front, so the combustion air is not drawn in from the room and will not affect the air quality inside your home.

Internal Fireplace Lighting
With internal lighting, you’ll be able to extend your fireplace’s appeal regardless if it’s in use. Built-in, recessed lighting are controlled with your remote with dimmer capabilities, adding ambiance all of the time.