Offering an extensive range of wood fireplaces with cutting edge designs focusing on providing effiicient warmth without compromising on both comfort and beauty.

Kemlan offer a range of sleek, contemporary wood fireplace designed to fit perfectly in all types of interiors and decor. 

Quadra-fire build durable wood-burning stoves with unrivalled performance that comes standard with every single fire.

With finesed clean burning system, easy to operate and control heat and output make Quadra-fire wood places the most durable and popular wood stoves available. 


A simply iconic brand with even more iconic wood burning fireplaces.

Jetmaster’s super-power is they properly understand the Australian conditions, needs for Australian homes and the warm environment you are seeking to create.

VisionLINE design, creates and manufactures premium quality fireplaces, venting systems and fireside accessories to meet the unique requirements in the Australian market.

Modern cutting-edge designs incorporated into durable and made to last products make your investment in VisionLINE products a lifetime relationship.

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

This is translated in the beautiful design and aesthetics of Hygge fireplaces giving you that warm cozy feeling we all crave.



Since 1924 Invicta Fireplaces have been creating masterpieces of Cast Iron Fireplaces from the Region of Champagne-Ardenne in France.

Their beautiful designs let you bask in beautiful warmth while enjoying the flames from any angle. 

Inspired by design and proudly Australian owned – Kalora are experts in designing gas and wood fires and stoves that thrive in Australian conditions.

The team at Kalora have extensive experience designing, manufacturing and supplying wood and gas heaters to Australian’s for over 60 years

Zen Fireplaces are the most elegant, functional and cost-effective suspended fireplaces in Australia. 

Zen’s focus is on quality materials, good design and manufacturing which makes their suspended fireplaces a thing of beauty and style.

Chazelles Fireplaces have been passionate about designing and manufacturing traditional wood fireplaces and gas powered fireplaces for over 50 years.
Being Europe’s most popular choice for high tech fireplaces for residential and commercial applications. Chazelles Fireplaces are simply a beautiful option to heat your home.

Designed and hand made in Germany, Hase have been crafting beautiful fires since 1978.

Their goal is to create stoves with a balanced, harmonious shape and form that are highly efficient, which means less consumption, less stoking and more comfort and convenience.



Designed and manufactutred in New Zealand, Ethos woodfires are unique in that they don’t draw their combustion air from the room being heated, or even from elsewhere in the dwelling. 

Better for your fuel costs, better for the environment, and far less residual ash to clean in the morning makes Ethos a real smart choice.


Established in 1927, Heatilator has built a long standing reputation for providing quality, dependable fireplaces at unbeatable value.

Create an authentic, live fire experience with a wide selection of wood fireplaces. With both classic and modern designs, we have fireplaces to fit any personality.